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Legal aid is assistance, advice and/or service relating to legal matters provided by various society groups, agencies and/or organization which are either directly subsided by government or by donation to people with a low income.

From the United States, Canada, Wales. England, Scotland, Australia and other various parts of the world, legal aids are there to serve the needy and the poor.  Each year legal aid services all around the world handles more than 2 millions indigent criminal cases.  It also acts as a legal guardian to more than 3 millions children, as well as handling more then 5 million civil cases including those concerning adoption, bankruptcy, divorce, employment issues, and landlord and tenants disputes.

Most agencies are run by attorney and administrative support staff.  Many are private attorneys who volunteer their time to assist in these agencies. In some jurisdictions court may appoint private attorneys to handle legal aid clients. 

In most country, legal advices does not necessary cost them money.  Anyone can receive feel legal advice session from legal aid services for simple matters.  Any further session that requires a lawyer or attorney to represent them in court, the client will have to go through the means tested and see whether they are eligible for free service.  It is at times that the client will have to pay some money towards the cost of their case.  The amount will depend on their financial status and the area of law.